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123 Total Web Solutions specializes on the development of intelligent business solutions for Travel Industry Representatives. We focus our activity on custom CRM software development. We Develop Travel Management Software in India according to the requirement of the company, so that our CRM Software services strengthen customer relationships, increases profitability and enlarge stream of potential customers. With a dedicated CRM Software Development you will be able to concentrate on your core business strategies, implementing your ideas on specific processes and terminology.

Travel CRM

Travel CRM Features

Let's precede with Step by step process of CRM Software for Tour Operator Business.

Advertising process

Advertising process

You will be advertising your Tour Packages using different tools of Advertisement, from which you will be generating leads. In this Process, our CRM will help you to Track from which tool you are getting more leads and less leads. With this feature, you can make a better strategy in the Advertising process.

Lead Process

After generating leads, we can able to record the complete details of the inquiry in this process. Not only you can record the Lead details but also you can follow the leads using our CRM. You can schedule the follow up dates to follow them and also record the requirements discussed with the customer. You will have the FOLLOW UP history of each and every lead at a single stretch.

Lead Process
Conversion Process

Conversion Process

If the Customer is interested, then we have to provide them Quote and have to finalize the Quote. There may be deviations in the pricing. If so it can also be recorded using our CRM.

Trip Details

Once a lead becomes our Client, we have to take more care of them like a family member to retain in our family.

We have created a list of details which contains each and every information for the particular trip to be recorded.

The lists were given below:

  • Trip Start Date
  • Trip End Date
  • Place of Departure
  • Place of Arrival
  • Seat Preference
  • Window Seat
  • Aisle Seat
  • Others
  • Food Preference
  • Total Days of Travel
  • Travel Medium
  • No Of People
  • Time Of Travel
  • Travel Type
  • Time Of Travel
  • One Way
  • 1Round Trip
  • Multi City
  • Flight Frequent Flier Number
Trip Details

Recording Passport Details

Same as that of Passport Module, you will get notification regarding VISA Expiry Notification. You can record the Complete Details of a Passport. You can upload the Image copy of the passport. An alert Notification for the Passport Expiration will be sent to the Client before 6 months.

Recording Passport Details
Recording VISA Details

Recording VISA Details

Most important feature in this Module is each and every Customer will get the Notification regarding their VISA Expiration date. This is same as that of the Passport Module; in this we can record the Details as listed below.

The lists were given below:

  • Visa ID
  • Visiting Country
  • Full name ( as in Passport )
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Proposed Entry Date
  • Proposed Exit Date
  • Purpose of Visit
  • Address in Visiting Country
  • Number of Entries
  • Port of Departure
  • Port of Departure
  • Visa Expiry Date
  • Accompanying Children Details

Bulk SMS

Just at a finger snap you can send SMS to multiple Clients. This feature helps you to sustain a healthy relationship with your clients by sending Wishes, Offers, Payment remainders, Thank you messages and much more.

Bulk SMS

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