System Service CRM

CRM tool helps you to streamline your company processes related to our company strategy as we are customizing according to your requirement. We mainly focus to reduce the expenses of the Company. With our CRM you can able to close your DEALS as much as fast as possible. Our main motive to develop this CRM is to help retain your customer.

Software serves to customer relationship management. This CRM software focuses on services industry. Service Providers will get benefit from CRM software, which addresses additional aspects of device service provider such as inventory and service management of products.

  •   Dedicated CRM software to Grow Business Better and Faster

  • The basics of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) include knowledge about your customer's needs and requirements. Through the CRM, complete customer data, including their Device service history, personal details, etc. are collected and stored in the database. If you work on it in a process-based manner, it is enough to establish a healthy relationship with your customers. Our CRM solution is central to implementing these processes.

    Lead management system

    Each and every follow-up which were recorded in the CRM won't be missed.

    As we are providing the CRM in the dedicated server there won't be any possibility of hacking your data. You can also download the Data at any time.

    Follow up Management

    You can schedule your follow-ups. This will help your employees to work free, so that the work will be done with accuracy. As a Managing Director you will get all notification from every employee about their follow-ups and their work in progress. As everything was made systemized, you will be having enough time to plan strategy to move the business to the next level.

    Device Management

    Whenever you get a device for service you can record the details about that single device, Details like damage of the device, received with SIM, memory card, pouch, etc. this future will make both you and your customer to be in the safer zone.

    Service Tracking

    Those works which were allotted to the employees can be tracked, Employees have to update the current work progress of the particular device which they are servicing currently, with that the management can report to the customer without asking the service team from anywhere at any time.

    Payment tracking

    Those payments which were not yet received from the customer will be tracked and will be shown to the admin. The payment pending status of each client will be recorded in our cloud based software, which can be accessed at your will with any smart device.

    Report generation

    When it comes to reporting, it's about balancing speed with customization. There are reports you want to generate quickly like number of deals closed every week or number of new leads this month or any other details which has to be recorded. Export the report in your desired format and maintain the details in our cloud database.

    GPS Tracking

    It's essential to know about the place where your service engineer works, Our CRM Software has a integrated GPS tracking tools, which precisely monitors the exact location of your engineers. This module will also give other essential details such as travel history and much more, which accumulates these data's in report and expense tracking module.

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