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Reach Out Millions In Seconds With Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS service is distributing the numerous & large number of SMS messages to Mobile phone terminals. A SMS sender can’t provide the mobile number because of the sender sends the SMS through applications. The purpose of bulk SMS is most commonly utilized to alerts, reminders, information, marketing and promotions for communication between customers and staffs. This service is used in every industry such as banking (transactional message), advertisement, marketing (promotion & discount offers), enterprises, export & imports, service providers and so on. Nowadays the bulk SMS tools are mostly used in business marketing as well as it’s one of the key tools.

For every Bulk SMS service requires applications for sending and receiving messages with various software packages. These software packages provide users with the opportunity to add & lengthen as many phone numbers as needed and these phone numbers can be regulated in a different ways. Few adulterated systems can automatically delete any cloned numbers and the mobile numbers may be approved prior to be sending the messages. After lot of features enhanced, messages can be organized to be sent at specific times, days and bulk messages to be sent on national &international mobile networks. This bulk SMS service is maintained by Server system.

Bulk SMS is classified into two things such as Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS. Promotional SMS service makes the marketing more effective like advertising products, discount offers, welcoming message etc., and Transactional SMS service does sending OTP, getting alerts, reminders and so on.


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