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Uses of Backlinks

Back links! Back links! Back links!

Does anyone know about back links? Let us see what is it?

First let`s get to know the meaning of Back links, right? Back link is a link where we receive our Website from other sites or web page or directory, this is also known as link building activities or services. It is one of the important factors to be taken into account when we do SEO for our Website.

Back links can be got in numerous ways. Google will determine the page rank for our website based on the fact that the back links are got from high page rank and high quality website or webpage. Back links increase the importance of our website. One thing we should keep in mind is that the back links from the other one`s content must be relevant of our website.

We should not only focus on the number of back links, but also the links must be quality links. While using hyperlink, it will be good if you use relevant informative links instead of just “click here” options. SEO experts suggest that back links will increase the traffic and get listings in search engines for our website.


What are the sources to get back links?

(i) Through exchange of links to our website with other websites
(ii) Article submissions. For instance, writing articles about your expertise subject and submitting that article in articles directory.
(iii) By taking the list of Social Book Marking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Stumble upon, Digg, Delicious, etc…
(iv) Creating video and uploading it is one of the source to get back links
(v) By choosing Blog directories and commenting to that Blog. (You can leave comment with your website URL).
(vi) From Forums. (You register your details and give answer to the forum by leaving a link).

I am happy to share my little knowledge with you. I hope this article will be very useful to you.


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