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What is Payroll Software?

123 Total Web Solutions is the leading HR and payroll software company in India. Our payroll software is quite simple, flexible & user-friendly Software which comes with features like employee's salary processing, Shift Management, ESI & PF Calculation, Leave, Generating Pay-slips, Reports and more. Create multiple salary structures and process all payment-related services with just a few clicks. Our Payroll software is used as a payment calculator and payroll calculation can be done in a few minutes as we can integrate payroll software with Biometric Machine to fetch attendance data and makes payroll tasks with ease.


Simple & Easy

User friendly & Simple to use payroll software. Quick and easy to set up.

Automate Processes

Easy-Pay Payroll software automates various processes like employee salary calculations, earning & deduction, leave & attendance management, with accuracy.

Data Security

Easy-Pay Payroll ensures the safety and integrity of the information. You can backup Data any time, and there is no risk of loss of data.

Biometric Integration

Easy-Pay Payroll software integrates with all types of biometric devices which can import data from biometric devices and process the attendance.

Value for Money

We offer software at Affordable prices because we care about our customers.