Business Email Service Providers In India

"Business Email: A Trustworthy for your Organization"

"We are one of the Dedicated Pro-reseller of Go Daddy through which we offer an affordable pricing"

Business Email

"An Email is very much important for any Business so likewise is an email hosting service too"

Business email is nothing but an email which you use precisely for your Organization's Business. Commonly a Business email will be displayed as yourname@Companyname and all the people in the same Organization will have their email addresses in the same pattern.

Obviously your Business email ids create a strong trust & bonding with your end customers, since the suffix of the email id is your Company name. It indirectly projects your Company's branding in an easy way. It also helps your end Customers to identify the other designated email ids from your Organization.

Business emails are provided by third party email service providers also and the Business email plans are either paid or free. The Organization can choose their plan in accordance with their email id count & their usage & the file size of the attachment used & the utilization of the email options in the plan which differs between each and every service providers.

Business email service providers

Trusted Business email service providers includes

  • Google Workspace

    Are You Looking for Reliable Emailing Solutions with Productivity & Collaboration Tool?

    Google Workspace packs everything you need for a productive and connected office. It includes Gmail, Meet, Drive, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Sites, Forms, and Currents. You'll also find App Scripts and Cloud Search on the list of included apps. Google Workspace is the G Suite with a better name on top. It packs all of the productivity tools you know and love, and you can customize your Workspace to fit your business. Some of the available add-ons include customer support, cloud storage options, and added security.


    30 GB Email Storage per user.

    100 participant video meetings.

    Advanced security and admin features.

    Web versions of Google Docs, Sheet, Slides, Chat, Calendar and Gmail.

    ZOHO Business Email

    Zoho Mail is an awesome email platform that affords a blend of clean, ad-free,minimum interface and potent features that are regulated for business and professional usage. You can experience a fast, spotless, Webmail that has potent features that matches or preferable to those in the desktop email clients.

    Primarily, a Zoho Mail is meant for both Normal Business and Personal email usage. It assists users to send & receive emails within the system and their business either for personal or official use.

    Go Daddy - Workspace email

    We are one of the Dedicated Pro-reseller of Go Daddy through which we offer an affordable pricing for the email plans only in our reseller website. Go daddy affords only paid Business email plans for its customers based on single domain & multiple domains also. It includes Business emails for single & multiple users up to 100 counts.

    Basic features of Go Daddy Workspace email

    Easy Plug in to your email anywhere from smart phone, tablet, desktop client & Web browser

    Outlook Configuration

    Catch all account facility

    Full-featured web interface for mobile and desktop

    Free integrated Individual & Group Calendar and Online Storage

    Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365 is known as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that comprises Microsoft Office and various other services that incorporates email and collaboration, from Microsoft's cloud server. It also affords desktop functionalities and is available through subscription.

    Features of Microsoft Office 365 (Combined features of all the plans)

    Email & Calendaring

    Email hosting with 50 GB per mailbox

    Use your email id as with your own custom domain name as the suffix

    Use Business-class email on smart phones, tablets, desktops and the web with Exchange

    Manage your calendar, share &schedule meetings &available meeting times &get reminders

    Respond to invitations using shared calendars

    Set up new user, restore deleted accounts, create custom scripts, and much more from anywhere

    File & Storage Security & Compliance Team work & Communication


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