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Bulk SMS in Coimbatore

"None will ignore an SMS alert ; then why not use this for an advantage?"

Everybody has a powerful tool-the mobile phone. Bulk SMS services have turned out to be the easiest, fastest and the most economical mode of communication in any business. It is indeed a marketing service that helps you to reach out to a wide range of target audience. It also aids in boosting your business exponentially.

Being a robust and fast Bulk SMS service provider in Coimbatore, we provide high volume bulk SMS to send individual text messages. The main benefit of SMS marketing is it reduces operational costs. Our bulk SMS services adapt to balance high traffic volumes. Bulk SMS services are cost effective which suits all types of business.

The Bulk SMS service helps you to inform your clients about

  •   Launching your products/services.
  •   Discount sales.
  •   Events to be held.
  •   Special features you have to offer.
Who can use it?

  •   Business firms wishing to expand.
  •   Individuals who wish to invite people for their personal events.
What 123coimbatore.com will offer?

  •   Offers the best plans in Bulk SMS service in Coimbatore.
  •   Ensures maximum speed of SMS delivery.
  •   Covers a wide range of network providers.
  •   Promises the utmost support in your growth plans with its services.

SMS Package
Transaction Marketing
10,000 -  1,500 3 Months
25,000 -  4,000 6 Months
50,000 -  7,000 9 Months
1 Lakh  12,500  12,500 1 Year
5 Lakh  60,000  60,000 2 Years
10 Lakh  1,15,000  1,15,000 Unlimited

Attractive offer for buying more than 25 lakh SMS'S

Contact No : +91 82200 00100
                      +91 87540 11113
                      0422 – 435 0451

We Only Provide These Services for Opt-in Customers.