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Essential Tips for Your Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Why LinkedIn is so important? Many of them are failed in branding themselves. So they are missing the big opportunities. Linkedin is the best platform to market yourself or your own brand. Creating a Linkedin profile is not enough to get good business chances. You ha ...Read More

3 Things to follow on a social media poster

Color of a poster   Color is one of the most important and necessary aspects of any social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. It helps to set the feel and a good vibe, It gives a good experience to a user. The color makes a bigger impact on ...Read More

Brochure checklist

Name of Location, Business or Organization. Website name Headline that creates curiosity Headline that states the name of the Product, Project, or Described Process. Short, easy to read blocks of text. Key Benefits and Features. Biography (of business ...Read More

Hosting checklist

Type of hosting Control panel Backup option SSL Support Scalability Server location Renewal cost Secure FTP How much space provided Number of Emails Read More

Digital Marketing Checklist

Choose your online marketing channels Create an email marketing strategy Optimize your social media pages Increase your social media followers Update your social media pages on a regular basis Create a social media marketing strategy and plan Optimize you ...Read More

SEO checklist

Choosing number of keywords Choosing right keywords  (using planner tool) Website speed Website integration with webmaster and analytics Sitemap.xml, html, robot.txt Duplicate content checker Competitor analysis (identify your competitor) Include c ...Read More

E-commerce checklist

Targeted audience B2b or B2C Server reliability Set up SSL Target location – Domestic or International User-friendly CMS Choosing the right payment gateway provider Define privacy policy, cancellation policy, terms and conditions, shipping and del ...Read More

8 Things You Need to Consider

Secure the domain and set up SSL User Friendly CMS Server reliability Plan out scripts and languages / Latest languages Page speed Set up  hosting and storage Deployment and Performance Testing on Browsers & Proof-Reading Read More

10 Checklist before creating a website

Choose the right website name Business mail id (name@website name) SSL certification The page title and meta description Include the Enquiry form and call to action. Incorporate links to your social pages. Site map and robots Check whether 404 pages ar ...Read More

Google Ads: The Best Way to Reach Your Audience

Table of Content: What is Google Ads? Types of Google Ads Display Ads Search AdsGoogle Shopping Ads Video Ads Benefits of Google Ads Conclusion   What is Google Ads?   Google Ads is Google's ...Read More

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