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Track Your Website Traffic and SEO Using Google Webmaster Tool

Out of the several SEO tools, Google Webmaster Tools is one of the most useful tool. It doesn`t have all the advantages of business SEO sites and it is not a tool for any SEO requirements but rather it originates from Google itself and it offers loads of essential SEO experiences. All these are great motivations to begin utilizing Google Webmaster Tools.


What Is Google Webmaster Tools?


It`s not really hard to figure from the name itself that Google Webmaster Tools is a set of tools for webmasters. However, what you don`t know is done immediately by this extremely helpful toolset, that permits you to communicate with Google and modify aspects of how Google sees your site, for example, lists the external and internal links to your site, alter the crawl rate at which Googlebot indexes your site, check the keywords users typed to land on your site, and also the click through rate for each keyword, see your site`s statistics, and some more.


One issue that needs to be mentioned is  privacy concern. Since you are giving Google a full access to your site`s details, you may be concerned about how they handle this data. While Google is a trustworthy organization and it is not likely they will misuse the data you are giving access to them, if classification is a top concern for you, reconsider before letting Google to your site`s privileged insights.


If you utilize Google Webmaster Tools together with Google Analytics, the outcomes will be even better. You can access your Google Webmaster Tools data directly from Google Analytics, so if you are already using Google Analytics, with just some more exertion you could easily coordinate it with Google Webmaster Tools, as well.


How Do I Get Started?


In order to use Google Webmaster Tools, you have to join it first. You can do it from here. After you join, you have to get through the verification process. So Google knows you are the genuine owner of the webpage you need to utilize Google Webmaster Tools on.


There are a few approaches to confirm ownership. The first is to download a HTML document and to transfer it to the root index of your website. Another is to include a HTML tag into the head of your home page. If you are using the same Google account for Google Analytics, a third choice to check ownership is through Google Analytics. There are more approaches to confirm ownership but if you are interested in them, check the Google Webmaster Tools settings and you will see them.


Google Webmaster Tools to Use Daily


Once you have checked your ownership and have Google code set up on your website, you can now begin appreciating the advantages of Google Webmaster Tools. When you sign into your Google Webmaster Tools account, the main thing you see is the Dashboard: From here you can access all the major segments - Search Queries, Links to Your Site, Crawl Errors, Keywords, and Sitemaps. Tapping on any of these will open the particular segment.


Search Queries


The Search Queries area demonstrates the keywords that led users to your site.

This long list shows which keywords users search down when they went through your site. It is best if this list matches the keywords you are enhancing for but as often as possible this list contains good keywords you were unaware of. In this case, pick these good keywords and start optimizing for them, as well. In the Search Queries segment, likewise you can see the number of impressions and the number of clicks, which gives you an idea about the CTR for this keyword. All equivalent, a higher CTR implies the keyword is relevant, so you might need to invest some more efforts into this keyword. Though, if you notice that as a result of your efforts, the CTR goes down, it is best if you don`t touch this keyword anymore.




The second exceptionally valuable segment of Google Webmaster Tools is the Links to Your Site. Here you can see where your backlinks (interior and outer) originate from and the pages they are linking to. Likewise with other link checking tools, don`t expect that each and every link to your site is shown but nevertheless this list of backlinks is useful to check from time to time.


One of the advanced uses of the Link segment is to disown links to your site you consider unsafe. Links from bad sites can hurt your rankings, so if you want to get rid of them, follow the instructions in this article.


Crawl Errors


The Crawl Errors segment shows the errors Googlebot encountered on your site. The data you get is similar to what you get when you utilize the Spider Simulator and it shows inaccessible pages, missing pages, server errors, and a wide range of issues that kept Google from effectively crawling your site. You also get some other crawl details, (for example, the number of pages crawled a day) that are useful to know.




Similarly to the Search Queries segment that also manages keywords (but it is the ones users type to get to your site), the Keywords segment additionally shows keywords. In this case, the difference is that here you see what keywords (and their significance) Google has found on your site. The two lists (of keywords users type and the keywords Google finds on your site) could be very different, which implies you are not optimizing for what users are looking for.

The Keywords segment additionally permits to see the theme of your site, which post Panda has turned out to be considerably more imperative.




The last segment you can access from the Dashboard is the Sitemaps segment. Here you see the sitemaps of your site Google has found and the number of URLs in them. If the sitemap found by Google is not the same as what you expected that it would be, you can submit a new sitemap for Google to utilize.


Robots.txt and Other Advanced Stuff


The segments portrayed so far are the fundamental Google Webmaster Tools segments. There is also a lot of advanced stuff in each of them but we won`t illustrate it into details. For example, you can use your Google Webmaster Tools to submit a robots.txt file, or to set the preferred domain syntax (i.e. with or without www) to be shown in search results. Google Webmaster Tools also permits to know whether your website is contaminated with malware. If it is, you have to clean it first and then resubmit it for evaluation.


Google Webmaster Tools is a truly profitable instrument for SEO. It gives you initially data about extremely imperative SEO aspects of a site, for example, keywords, links, crawl errors, etc. If you don`t utilize it as of now, take the time and get recognizable with it and it will help you show signs of improvement rankings for sure.


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