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1) Mobile-friendly website

2) SEO-friendly content

3) SMS Marketing

4) Chat Bot

5) WhatsApp or Call Button


1. Mobile-friendly website:


Top 5 tips to make your website mobile friendly:

  1. Make the website responsive and choose a right template
  2. Prioritize the content
  3. Use appropriate fonts and buttons
  4. Avoid messy web design
  5. Avoid pop-ups


2. SEO-friendly content:

Nowadays people spend more time browsing through their mobile devices. Google prioritizes mobile content rather than desktop content. Mobile-friendly content increases the traffic to your site.


Tips to create SEO-friendly content:

  1. Impressive introduction
  2. Summary of the content
  3. Highlights
  4. Go with simple content


3. SMS marketing:

“None will ignore an SMS alert; then why not use this for an advantage?”

SMS marketing is one of the most popular ways used to send promotional messages. It is similar to text message marketing. Nearly 98% of the text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes.


Benefits of SMS Marketing:

  1. Most preferred by customers
  2. Reach is greater
  3. Flexible
  4. The reading rate is higher


4. Chat Bot:

A chatbot is actually a software application that is used to interact with humans. Studies have shown that nearly 74% of people prefer chatbots when looking for instant answers.AI powered chatbots initiate two-way communication which is very much helpful for the customers.


Benefits of chatbots:

  1. Saves time
  2. Seamless communication
  3. Eliminates tedious works
  4. Helps in your business growth


5. WhatsApp or Call Button:

Mobile users have been rapidly increasing. When looking at mobile, WhatsApp is the most commonly used app. WhatsApp can be considered the “Game changer” for your website. This feature catches the attention of the people easily. WhatsApp has become the most popular sharing tool. Many websites have started adapting WhatsApp and the call button.


Benefits of WhatsApp or Call Button:

  1. Sharing of content is faster.
  2. Worldwide reach for the audience.
  3. A most simple and convenient way of communicating
  4. Time-saving









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