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Strategic SEO Decisions to Make Before Website Design

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  • Wider strategic areas
  • Technical sides to be discussed with developers.
  • Design sides to be discussed with designers.


Wider strategic questions that should be answered:


  1. How do we communicate our mission statement online?
  2. Do we understand our customer segments?
  3. How large is our market?
  4. Who are our digital competitors?


These are the queries that are a beginning point in your research:


This understanding will permit you to build your site engineering around the stages your clients need to experience before finishing their objective. In a perfect world, this procedure ought to be performed ahead of time of the website work, to guide which pages you ought to need to target particular goals and watchwords that connect them.


Questions should be in your mind about the competitors:


  • What are our competitor`s size and performance?
  • How do they separate themselves?
  • How strong is their brand?
  • What does their link profile look like?
  • Are they doing anything different/interesting with their site architecture?


Technical areas to consider in designing a website




Settle on whether you need to utilize HTTPS or HTTP. In many examples, the appropriate response will be the previous, considering this is likewise one of the positioning elements by Google. The general guideline is that in the event that you ever anticipate payment features on your site, so you require HTTPS on those pages at any rate.


2. Decide on a canonical version of your URLs


Copyright of your URL avoids the content of a page that belongs to other user and informs Google to consider the page content is unique.


3. Site speed


When the user reaches your website, it should be fast and easily accessed. Search engine considers for ranking when the website has good loading speed.


4. Languages and locations


It`s a good indication to convey website visitors on the subject of the language and locations of the website contains specifically.


5. Ease of editing and flexibility in a platform


Creating a website as flexible is to help search engine while the changes happening in a site to scale and capture easily.


Design areas to consider in an effective web design:


1. Architecture and internal linking


Web designing architecture is a significant point, which  lets the search engine to make crawl of each page into the website and also will help the visitors make sustain over the website. Proper navigation and linking assist the search engine in crawling process for ranking keywords.


2. Content-first design


Consider the types of content you have implemented in your website that exactly matches the service, products or information you are trying to present the user. Your content system should be mapped out now to comprehend what groups you will utilize and subsequently what sort of usefulness this will require.


3. Machine readability


Your website pages may utilize an assortment of innovations, for example, JavaScript, Flash, and Ajax that can be hard for crawlers to get it. In spite of the fact that they might be important to give a superior user experience, you should know about the issues these innovations can bring about.


4. Responsive design


As we see more varieties in gadgets and their necessities alongside, moving conduct examples of cell phone utilize, "portable" is ending up plainly to a lesser extent and to a  different channel and rather is turning into a hidden innovation for getting to the web. In this way, the long haul objective ought to be to make a consistent and reliable client encounter overall gadgets. In light of a legitimate concern for this objective, responsive design and element serving techniques can help with making gadget particular encounters.   




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