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In 2022, 8 new WhatsApp features are expected to be released.


1. Hide your 'last seen' information from certain contacts.

                         WhatsApp has always featured a setting to hide your most recent location from your contacts. It's a useful option for folks who want to keep their WhatsApp availability hidden from their contacts. One disadvantage of using this function is that you won't be able to see your contacts' 'last seen' status.


2. There is no time limit for removing communications that have been sent.

                     While WhatsApp allows users to delete sent messages, there is currently a time limit of up to 4,096 seconds (68 minutes and 16 seconds) for doing so. However, based on tests on the beta version of the app, the business may be preparing to remove this restriction permanently. During the testing, no time limit for performing the delete operation was discovered. It means that users will be able to remove their already sent messages at any moment. However, there is no set date for when this function will be accessible, so it will be some time before we see it.


3. Multi-device support

                One of the most requested improvements for WhatsApp is the ability to utilize it on numerous devices without relying on your smartphone connection. And now this feature will be available on all smartphones. The feature has now officially rolled out in beta after being noticed in multiple beta builds. When you log in to WhatsApp on a desktop or browser client, you now have the option to try out this functionality in beta.


                 I've been using this function for a few weeks and haven't encountered any serious concerns. You can utilize this feature on up to four devices right now, according to the beta. This feature still needs a lot of work before it can be considered complete. First and foremost, on my PC, the chat still takes a long time to load. I also discovered that not all of my old chats are currently in sync. However, these are concerns that WhatsApp will be able to address in future versions of the program.


4. A new community feature


                  WhatsApp is working on a new community feature that could be available soon. According to reports, the feature is similar to Discord groups and channels. This is not to be confused with WhatsApp's existing groups feature. Admins will have more control over the app's various components thanks to the new communities feature. Admins will be able to create various groups inside a community, similar to how Discord allows them to do. The community chats, like all other chats, will be encrypted end-to-end. We don't have any other information about this feature at this time, but given the amount of effort required to create it, we expect it will be publicly released in 2022.


5. Log out of WhatsApp

                  WhatsApp logout will take the place of the 'Delete Account' button and will support the multi-device feature that is coming soon. According to WaBetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp upgrades, the app will finally provide a logout option for users. Users will be able to log out of their WhatsApp accounts from their devices, much like they can from Facebook and other social networking apps. The functionality was just discovered in a new WhatsApp beta version and is expected to be rolled out to both the iOS and Android versions of the program soon. The WhatsApp logout feature is anticipated to allow users to access their accounts from numerous devices at once.


6. WhatsApp Reels from Instagram


                    In the future, WhatsApp will have an Instagram Reels feature. Users will be able to view Instagram Reels directly from the messaging app, according to reports. This could be part of WhatsApp's effort to integrate with Facebook's other apps. Instagram Reels, for those unfamiliar, is a short video function that was added to the photo-sharing app last year after the government outlawed TikTok.


7. Archived to Read later


               'Read later,' according to reports, is an upgraded version of WhatsApp's existing Archived Chats service. WhatsApp will not provide notifications for a chat that has been moved to read later. The feature will also include a 'vacation mode,' which will ensure that read later' chats behave similarly to archived chats in the current stable version. Users will be able to edit their preferences using the Edit option under reading Later. WhatsApp users will be able to swiftly unarchive multiple chats by selecting them all at once.


8. WhatsApp Insurance Option


                     In India, you'll soon be able to buy insurance using WhatsApp. Through partnerships with regulated financial services companies, the Facebook-owned messaging app plans to bring out health insurance and micro-pension products in India. Initially, WhatsApp will use its platform to provide SBI General sachet health insurance and HDFC Pension programs.


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