Architect CRM

Customer Relationship Management Application System empowers the simple and quick access of key client information. Our Customized CRM lets you to easily manage your clients. We help you to add new features in your application. Multiple user access and authorization with security.

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Lead management system

Our CRM Software helps you to record and manage every leads generated. With our CRM Software you can able to track the enquiry from which advertising source you are getting more leads, with that you can concentrate on advertisement strategy.

Follow up Management

Every leads Conversion is possible when you have been routinely following your leads with proper update to customer. You will be remembered on every follow up and you will have the record for every follow up. Whatever the conversation you had you can maintain it as document with the help of this CRM.

Salary and advance management

You can record the salary details of every employee and if any employee received their salary in advance it also can be recorded and maintained. There will be no chance for any lack between the management and the employees as everything's will be recorded in cloud storage.

Invoice generation

You can generate the invoice for every project in an easy way, which reduces the time consumption. You can make alteration in the invoice format too. Those invoices will be generated as a PDF and they were also recorded.

Quotation Generation

Generate full-fledged quotes with client name, quotation number, and product-related details along with personalized notes and images. Generate your quotation for leads in an automated way and be more responsive to your customers on time. These Quotations will be generated as PDF and those details are stored in our cloud storage, so that it can be accessed whenever the requirement arises.

Payment tracking

Those leads which get converted and were ready to advance will be tracked. Every payment which was received from the Client/Customer will be tracked and were maintained with perfection.

List of Payment record details:
  •   Automatically records travel distance & time.
  •   Customer Payment Tracker
  •   Employee Payment Tracker
  •   Date of Payment Done
  •   Mode of payment
  •   Payment Remainder
  •   Descriptions
  • Expense tracking

    This Module is to record the day to day expenses of the Company. You can track the expense of the company monthly and yearly wise. With that you can easily reduce the cost of expenses.

    Report generation

    You can generate the excel report for tracking market performance, lead conversion, Payment Details.

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